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Acknowledgements and to The Honorables : the Honorable Chairman of the United Nations, Chairman of the American Senator, Chairman of the Parliament of the Federation of Russia, Australia, Africa, Asia, Chairman of the people's representative Assembly of Indonesia, Chairman of the Indonesia people's representative Council, Chairman of the Financial Examiner Indonesia, Chairman of the Indonesia Ulema, President of the Assembly and the elected Government, the Chairman of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, Chairman and Vice of the Indonesia Best and community leaders throughout the worldwide. Warm regards always. Happy birthday (reduced life of the success as a real human being), the success of a new life, Sincere fasting and sacrifice perform multiply Best of Nobles "1" dignified iffah absoluted GOD and celebrate the New Year. Enjoy the delights "BACK'PO" 's KAMI. Forgive Big / Extended Family's Bodies and Soul. Selamat ulang tahun (berkurangnya umur kesuksesan menjadi manusia sejati), sukses menempuh hidup baru, ikhlas menunaikan ibadah puasa dan memperbanyak berkurban dalam KEYAKINAN MURNI MULIA AULIA BERMARTABAT IFFAH SEJATI ZAT 1 MAHA (Z1M) serta merayakan Tahun Baru. Menikmati kelezatan "BACK'PO" KAMI. Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin. We have a schedule that preceded the present determined to Office Services Procurement Electronically (LPSE) as a senior major winner, absolute ruler, and the leadership of the project to best wholesale TENDER since 1997 - 9999 forever. Kami telah hadir mendahului jadwal yang ditentukan ke kantor Layanan Pengadaan Secara Elektronik (LPSE) sebagai senior pemenang utama, penguasa mutlak, dan pimpinan proyek terbaik untuk borongan TENDER sejak tahun 1997 - 9999 selamanya. We were not The Biggest in The World but STEALTH The Best in The World Wide. Need More Information About All Tourists Domestic until International ? You can get from "WORLD WIDE DIRECT INTERACTIVE CHATTING" or Public Relationship Call 622150176030 / 6281330670542 ( Raden Mas SETYA BUDI LATTO ). Faximiles 622150476030 / 623133172497 / 623133001724 / 62318706441. International HOTEL TEDJO MOYO ( TM ) - Group Tour and Travel sustainable expansion of domestic and foreign those Under Construction Please Surfing All Menu / Sign Clicks / Products ( Not all are ready but there will be published after the agreement and demand from guests or tourists ) from "http://kaizenmeiji.blogspot.com" or "http://dokterhewankami.blogspot.com" click menu "Profile" run menu "Mentoring Tourist Expatriate" We will answer All Request or Question SOON. Countryside : International HOTEL TEDJO MOYO ( TM ) Open Escort or Hidden Privacies Mangkurat "Anggi Dwi" Panembahan Adventure Lodging ( MAD PAL ) Village Jalan Lawu KALISORO No. 61. RT 002 / RW 03, Tawangmangu Town / Province : Tawangmangu / Solo. SURAKARTA. POST CODE : 57792 . D. / L. : + 62271697149 . Sekipan Kalisoro, Tawangmangu, Karanganyar. Surakarta - Central Java. Professional Support Marketing Group . Home Stay and Adventure Club 6285647413053 ( Raden Mas Ngarso Dalem ) , 6281332454131 ( Raden Mas Rustanto ) , 6285854493435 ( Raden Mas Yoppy Angga Deberta) , 6289609132699 ( Raden Mas Rusbiantono ) . Expatriates refreshing mind, calm yourself, spending time, diet, stay and adventure with comfort and satisfying service, presented the beauty and sincerity of heart. The scent of love, presence, polite and peaceful atmosphere accompanied by music and Modern Javanese delivers local and international visitors taste linger long enjoyed the beauty of the Royal Palace Surakarta, Thousand Splash ( Grojogan ) Waterfall, Swimming Pool, Mountains Lawu, Sarangan Lake, Mountains Bromo, beautiful Islands of Bali and wonderful Island Lombok until atmosphere Island Papua etc. Thanks You Guest Bye Bye Nice to meet you. Good Luck (by : Commisaries)



Perusahaan General Supplier dan Kontraktor



NRi PSM Group international, formerly called NRi and PSM, is an Indonesian public company listed on the American Stock Exchange (Wall Street). Wikipedia
Head Office: Surabaya.
CEO: DR. Dr. Hc. H. Nuky Rusianto, Lc., A.Md.Engl., A.Md.Comp., SE., S.KH., drh (DVM)., MB., M.Vet., PhD (Nov 2013–)
Share prices: NYSE Euronext Inc., NYSE Group, Inc. (US $) USD 17 +00.00 (+ 0.70%)
Jan 1, 00:00 PM GMT + 7
Type of business entity: 49% Public
Subsidiary: Privo Sakurazy Medtecindo, Privo Association, OTHERS.

Principle R3 "Reduce, Reuse and Recycles"
✉ SLI. 08113380121 / 082332311414 ✉✆
✆P.02150176030 / 03133172497 / 03133001724
✉B.29EA31D7 ✉B.2B81FECB.
✉✆F.02150476030 / 0318706441
PO / SP 1-3 CASH. PO / SP 4 tbC / ETC CREDIT


Fax. 02150476030